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After struggling, thriving, overcoming and doing the impossible we finally decided to share all of our career hacks with the world. What started as coaching and strategizing for people in our network turned into a system that has helped thousands step with confidence into who they really are and show up in their careers like never before.


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Secret Weapon for Career Success

Tips from Latoya Hurley. 

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Leadership Secrets

Collaboration & Inclusion for Success with Jessica Hill-Holm

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Slay Your Career Goals

Military Mindset for Women with Rochelle "Slay" Hemingway

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Engaging, insightful, invaluable, content that we as women don't talk about enough!

Engaging, insightful, invaluable, content that we as women don't talk about enough! 

Workshop Attendee

If you don’t know where you should start, this session is invaluable. I was confused about how to brand myself and now I have information!

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The Brand Whisperer

Building a Brand That Works for You, Always

• Profile Power on LinkedIn, Content Strategy for beginners and advanced that gets results, Networking Mastery that opens doors.


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R.E.N.E.W. Career Wellness

Revitalize, Energize, and Nurture Energy & Wellbeing

Recognize the signs, understand the underlying causes, learn practical strategies and tools for managing stress and preventing burnout, develop a personalized self-care plan to optimize well-being and productivity, learn how to set boundaries, and manage workload to prevent burnout in the future.

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Feedback Renaissance 

Discover the transformative potential of effective feedback conversations. As we navigate an ever-evolving professional landscape, the art of providing and receiving feedback becomes an essential skill for fostering growth, building relationships, and achieving outstanding results. 

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