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Over 6 decades of combined experience.

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Candyce Hunt

Speaker, Podcaster, Career Wellness Strategist and Pivot Master

Candyce is a phenomenal Career Wellness Coach & Strategist, known for her exceptional journey spanning diverse industries, from retail operations to commercial real estate and hospitality. With nearly two decades of dynamic leadership experience, she has consistently steered substantial teams to triumph within multi-billion-dollar enterprises, including Ross, Dollar General, WeWork, and Kohl's. Yet, Candyce's distinction transcends her corporate accomplishments. Her unique journey commenced as a choir directress in Chicago at the tender age of eight, sowing the seeds of harmony, leadership, and self-mastery that would flourish throughout her extraordinary career. Today, she conducts a different ensemble—not choirs, but individuals and organizations—guiding them toward the pinnacle of excellence. As the Co-Founder of 5 Minute Career Hack, Candyce occupies a pivotal role as a consultant, speaker, podcaster, and mentor. Her mission is to empower others by imparting invaluable insights and furnishing the keys to unlocking success. Drawing upon her extensive expertise in Coaching, Mentorship, Operations, Project Management, Leadership, and Human Resources, she nurtures both individuals and corporations. Armed with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management/HR from Kennesaw State University, Candyce has risen as a committed figure, a trusted guide in the realms of career development, holistic wellness, and business consulting. Her journey is a testament to unwavering dedication, resilience, and a profound zeal for fostering the thriving journeys of others.

Specialities: Profit Management | Talent Management | People & Operations Director l Business Strategist l Organizational Agility l DEI Champion | Public Speaking l Life & Stress Coaching 

Jamila Brown

Speaker, Podcaster, Career & Content Strategist and Pivot Master

Jamila Brown is a powerhouse who's walked the path from the sports arena to managing billions in corporate America. And now leads as a coach, consultant, podcaster, and speaker. Her journey is an incredible tapestry of accomplishment and innovation. Jamila's corporate journey reads like a who's who of global giants, including the likes of Champs Sports, Walmart Inc., Ross Stores Inc., Dollar General, and the visionaries at 5 Minute Career Hack. Jamila's reputation as a branding, content, and leadership development guru is a foundational piece of her success. Organizations and individuals turn to her to transform their status quo into something extraordinary. Jamila is the trusted expert, leveraged by heavyweights like Payscale, ASHA, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, LA SHRM, and The Vitamin Shoppe. Her influence stretches across industries, leaving a profound mark wherever she goes. Jamila doesn't just 'talk the talk'; she hosts the talk. Her podcast with co-hosts Alicia Wade & Candyce Hunt is a weekly stop for thought leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs sharing their wisdom with the world and providing actionable life hacks along the way. Jamila embodies excellence, blazing a trail that defies conventions and inspires others to aim higher. Her journey is a testament to resilience, ambition, and an unwavering commitment to reaching the pinnacle of success. Let her journey, and commitment to sharing with others ignite your passions in life.

Specialties: Speaker & Podcaster l Leadership Development l Team Building l Gen XYZ Career Strategist l Investing/Trading l Content Design, Creation and Production

Alicia Wade

Speaker, Podcaster, Career Strategist and Pivot Master

Alicia Wade is a transformative leader driven by the unwavering pursuit of joy in all aspects of life and work. Her remarkable journey through various career phases has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the full spectrum of experiences. Alicia firmly believes that every step in her professional path has been instrumental in fostering connections, igniting leadership, and nurturing the growth of others. Alicia Wade is an accomplished transformational leader, celebrated for her extraordinary track record in building and leading high-performing teams. She is a powerhouse of motivation, drive, and strategic acumen, with a remarkable portfolio of achievements that span turnarounds in markets, operational excellence, substantial sales growth, and the curation of winning organizational cultures through team development. However, what truly distinguishes Alicia is her exceptional ability to leverage her Human Resources background to develop high-performing sales and operations teams. She is a master at designing comprehensive training programs and implementing talent management practices that propel individuals and teams to new heights of success. Alicia Wade's journey is a testament to the power of joy, gratitude, and the art of asking the right questions. With her unparalleled leadership and transformative insights, Alicia has become an influential speaker and mentor, inspiring others to embrace joy, gratitude, and a spirit of inquiry in their own pursuits. Her compelling story and remarkable expertise make her an invaluable asset to any event or organization, and her presence is sure to inspire and drive meaningful change. 

Specialties: Team Development | Sales Strategy | Merchandising l Customer Engagement | Process Optimization  Strategic Partnerships | Operations Planning l Human Resource Leadership

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The training was thought-provoking and stimulating in that it created an opportunity for self-reflection.


This was so informative and in a way that was easy to understand. This training is one of my favorites so far and provided me with some clarity and insight on ways that I can continue to grow professionally and specific actions I can take to chart my present and future goals.


LOVED this training. They were engaging and provided great information that was relevant and applicable. I am excited for the rest of the series. 


I'm generally picky about podcasts surrounding career tips, but I am a FAN of the 5 Minute Career Hack! Each show is quick, actionable, and relevant to today's work environment.  


I love the "realness" of these quick thoughts. A great way to engage you in the workplace. A mirrored insight into you and where you are in your career and/or workplace. 

For Busy Professionals

I'm absolutely loving this content. It's ideal for busy professionals. Easy to follow and implement.  

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