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The 5 Minute Career Hack Founders

Over 6 decades of combined experience.

Leaders, Speakers, Podcasters, & Organizational Development Gurus


Candyce Hunt

Host and Pivot Master

Developing leaders is my passion and my experience in multi-unit leadership, strategy planning/execution and talent management have helped people and organizations achieve above average success. I am highly skilled in building winning cultures & relationships, complex problem solving and leading innovation.

Specialities: Profit Management | Talent Management | People & Operations Director l Business Strategist l Organizational Agility l DEI Champion | Public Speaking l Life & Stress Coaching 

Alicia Wade

Host and Pivot Master

I am a transformational leader with a track record of building high-performing teams. As a motivated, driven and strategic executive with proven results in turn-around markets, operations, and sales increase, I curate winning cultures through the development of teams.

Specialties: Team Development | Sales Strategy | Merchandising l Customer Engagement | Process Optimization  Strategic Partnerships | Operations Planning l Human Resource Leadership

Jamila Brown

Host and Pivot Master

I've worked with a correlated group of the largest retailers in the world, as well as consulted with many organizations and individuals on branding, content, and leadership development: Champs Sports l Walmart Inc. l Ross Stores Inc. l Dollar General l 5 Minute Career Hack

Specialities: Experienced Regional Director of Operations l Execution & Results l Leadership Development l Team Building Investing/Trading l Content Design, Creation and Production

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