Salary Negotiation Essentials - How to Increase your Salary by 25-50% in the next 365 Days!

Everyone has told us all year long that they need more help with salary negotiation and we are here to help you.

You can take a deep breath and know you will get everything in this course that you need to be successful in your next negotiation.

What you'll get:

  • How to prepare to negotiate your salary.
  • Learn what you should be negotiating as a part of your salary.
  • Get valuable resources to complete necessary research in preparation for your negotiation.
  • Get the strategic timing of when to negotiate your salary.
  • Understand where you are in the process and your career to make the necessary decisions to get the salary and compensation you want.
  • Learn the secret non-cash compensation items to negotiate that will return money back to your account.
  • Gain the confidence with the proper framework to negotiate.
  • Find out your number, your compensation number that you will negotiate for your salary moving forward.
  • Bonuses: as you complete the course you will get additional resources to help you prepare to negotiate!!!


What People Are Saying:

This is great information! I've actually thought about doing a compensation analysis. As I reconsider my current role this is really going to be helpful.