Alicia Wade

Host and Pivot Master

I am a transformational leader with a track record of building high-performing teams. As a motivated, driven and strategic executive with proven results in turn-around markets, operations, and sales increase, I curate winning cultures through the development of teams.

Specialties: Team Development | Sales Strategy | Merchandising l Customer Engagement | Process Optimization  Strategic Partnerships | Operations Planning l Human Resource Leadership

Candyce Hunt

Host and Pivot Master

Developing leaders is my passion and my experience in multi-unit leadership, strategy planning/execution and talent management have helped people and organizations achieve above average success. I am highly skilled in building winning cultures & relationships, complex problem solving and leading innovation.

Specialities: Profit Management | Talent Management | People & Operations Director l Business Strategist l Organizational Agility l DEI Champion | Public Speaking l Life & Stress Coaching 


Jamila Brown

Host and Pivot Master

I've worked with a correlated group of the largest retailers in the world, as well as consulted with many organizations and individuals on branding, content, and leadership development: Champs Sports l Walmart Inc. l Ross Stores Inc. l Dollar General l 5 Minute Career Hack

Specialities: Experienced Regional Director of Operations l Execution & Results l Leadership Development l Team Building Investing/Trading l Content Design, Creation and Production


Capability Statement 

5 Minute Career Hack LLC offers a full suite of organizational development and leadership solutions to organizations. The founding leaders have combined 60+ years of hands-on experience in Coaching/Mentorship, Management/Leadership, Human Resources, and Marketing, with business impact in multiple industries including retail, real estate, media, healthcare, technology, non-profit, education and finance.  

From executive coaching to needs assessments, customized trainings, workshops, podcasts, and on-demand learning courses, we meet a company’s challenge or need at its root and provide sustainable solutions to advance the organization’s overall performance.

After working with the 5 Minute Career Hack™ LLC, organizations and teams are armed with data-driven and action-based strategies to effectively manage their resources, performance, teams, and business relationships.


Masters in Business Administration Marketing 

Certified Executive Coach 

Masters in Business Administration 

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Certified 

Human Resources Certified PHR 

Adjunct Professor 

TEDx Speaker 

Core Competencies

Profit & Loss Budgeting & Forecasting 

Organizational Behavior & Development 

Process Improvement 

Content Strategy & Creation 

Advertising & Marketing Solutions 

Business Development & Strategy 

Start-Up Business Strategy & Implementation 

Executive Coaching & Mentorship 

Client & Employer Brands

Personal Brand Training Attendee

I am so grateful for this training. This is an area where I lack knowledge, experience, and don't even know what questions to ask. This was so informative and in a way that was easy to understand. This training is one of my favorites so far, and provided me with some clarity and insight on ways that I can continue to grow professionally and specific actions I can take to chart my present and future goals. Thank you very much.

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